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The tiles will be shuffled for a few seconds after the 'start' button is pressed. A tile cannot be selected if it has tiles on its left and right sides.


Hide n Zeek Mahjong in the perfect place to practice your online Mahjong skills for free.

Did you know in the late 1990s, China State Sports Commission published the International Tournament rules of Mahjong?

This is the perfect game format for players with limited bankrolls who want to win big. In a tournament, the buy-in is fixed and added to a collective prize pool. The top finishers then share the prize money, which can become quite sizable sums in large events. Naturally, Mahjong cannot compete with poker yet, but remember that the Mahjong tournament format is only ten years old but growing strong.

I am working as a freelance for Englis hHarbour group, the project is to build a mahjongg bonus terms for its casino tournaments and might be also used in the online slots tournaments. Visitors would be able to play with the random tiles and it's not just luck, skills would be applied.


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